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Sephora and my roommate <3


So I thought I share with you one of my favourite presents I got for the holidays. I even adore the gift bag itself, with the glitter and the red, it just makes me think of Christmas. Although this is not a Christmas present, because here, Christmas is yet to come! :)

And when I opened it…

… found these lovely eyeshadows.

As you can see, I couldn’t resist to try them immediately, so I smudged them up a little bit… My favourite one is the brownish palette, I tried that one on, as you will be able to see in the next couple of pictures, but fist here are some close-ups. Pretty much all of the eyeshadows are glittery, only two of them are mate, but they are all very persistent.

That’s not all… :)
There are lip glosses and blush in these little drawers underneath the eyeshadows. I personally don’t use blush, but I love these glosses.

This all sums up in a cute little makeup “bag” :)

And as I said earlier, here is the brown palette, nothing fancy, just some regular (quick) makeup. Considering I didn’t get to take photos right after I did it, I took them after I got home (you can see i’m in my pajamas :D ) after a long night out, and I think it holds up very well.

All in all I’m satisfied with it. :)
What do you think? Are you contented with your Sephora? Feel free to comment on everything!

Coffeee ‘n’ nails

Hot cup of coffee and cute nails, perfect combo ;)




Aupie site review !

Hello everyone, today I’m going to introduce you to a site about online shopping which offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, jewelry,bags etc.

 This shirt is amazing for Valentine’s day and i like this kisses.It’s so cute.

Super nerdy look with awesome yellow sweater.Great combinations for  ordinary day,

My friends are crazy for this heels.Like i’m Lady Gaga,woo hoo,

This is something in my style,i love lace.Never gets old.

Cute outfit and very popular.

Perfect colors.

Blair Waldorf darling.